Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

26th June 1713 - 2nd August 1722

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Image 466 of 55819th October 1720

14th. Octor. 1720

Brooks Jno< no role > . petn. for Lock's Gift

Upon Reading the humble petition of John Brookes< no role > Setting
Forth That he served he apprenticeship to Benjamin Crakanthrope< no role >
Hempdresser one of the Artsmasters of this Hospital by Indenture bearing
date the 27th. day of May 1710 and by an Order of this Court of the
11th. of Octor. 1717. he was on the 7th. of Decemr. 1719 madefree of this
City and is Set up for himselfat Mr Steads in Bride Lane near
Bridewell hospital and Mr. Trear Reporting to this Court that the
Comee of this househadon ye 16th Septr. last inspected the Book kept of the apprentices
behaviour and found no Complaint agt. himIt is Ordered
That Mr Saml. Keble< no role > Mr Depty Turner & Mr Charles Gretton< no role > 3 of the Govenors of
these Hospitals or any two of them be desired to enquire whether the
said John Brookes< no role > be Set up in his sad Trade and of his hopefullness
therein and to make their Report to this Court.


At this Court the poor Boys hereafter named were ordered to he putt
out Apprentices in this Hospital at the nomination of the Governor s
hereafter named Vizt.


Indre dat 27th. Octor 1720

Robert King< no role > to Gab. Bestman< no role > P Mr. Depty. Everett

Indre dat 19. Octor. 1720

William Andrews< no role > to Obediah West< no role > P Mr William Lee< no role >

Indre dat 19th. Octor. 1720

Timothy Shaw< no role > to Tho: Serjeant< no role > P Mr Walter Ryon

Boulter Jno< no role > pet for
Rooms in ye hospital

Upon reading the humble Peticon of John Boulter< no role > Setting
forth That he had endeavoured to Clear the Room where he lives
but haveing been Three years and Six Months out of Imployment
had been forced to sell the greatest part of his Goods to Support
himselfe & his wife and is thereby become incapable to pay Rent
for any Rooms & without ye Governors Charity he and his wife must
be exposed with their Goods to the open StreetThat formerly
the poor Traders in this Hospital were allowed Rooms while they
lived Aco notable to Keep apprentices and that there are now
several vacant Rooms where he and his wife might be sheltred
And praying that the Governors woud be pleased to Consideration
his Condition and Grant him Rooms in ye said hospital as his
Predecessors hadIt is Ordered that ye said petition be rejected

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