Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

26th June 1713 - 2nd August 1722

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Bethlem }

London ss. At a Court holden at the sd. Hospital of Bridewell
on Thursday ye 4th. day of August 1720. being
Election day.

sr William Withers< no role > knt . & Aldn .president
John Taylor< no role > Esqr .Treasurer

Tho: Rawlinson< no role > Esqr .
John Austis< no role > Esqr .
Mr. Depty. Beckley
Saml. Rush< no role > Esqr .
Mr. Cha: Gretton< no role >
Mr. Rogr. Lynch< no role >
Mr. Tho. Cliffe< no role >
Mr. John Foster< no role >
Mr. Wm. Rush< no role >
Mr. Joseph Parsons< no role >
Mr. Boyd Tooke< no role >
Mr. Richard Russell< no role >
Mr. Cha: Lee< no role >
Mr. John Pott< no role >
Tho: Renda< no role > Esqr .
Mr. Saml Hancock< no role >
Capt . Jona. Collett< no role >
Mr. Serjt Hall
Mr. John Halse< no role >

sr . Con: Phipps< no role >
Mr. Richard Ash< no role >
Mr. Depty. Waylett
Step. Beckingham< no role > Esqr
Capt. Polehampton
Mr. John Cully< no role >
Capt. Evans
Mr. Richd Brocklesby< no role >
Mr. Walker Ryon< no role >
Mr. Thomas Parry< no role >
Henry Malcaster< no role > Esqr .
Mr. John Barber< no role >
Mr. George Smith< no role >
Alexr. Pendarves< no role > Esqr .
Mr. Wm Grubbe< no role >
sr . Geo. Ludlam< no role >
Mr. Blackhall
Mr. Saml. Keble< no role >
Marm Alington< no role > Esqr .

George Buckley< no role > Esqr .
Mr. Depty Turner
Mr. Depty Edwards
Thos. Aynscomb< no role > Esqr .
Mr. Depty Everett
Mr. William Lee< no role >
Fran Annesley< no role > Esqr .
Mr. Abra: Perrott< no role >
Lawrence Parker< no role > Esqr .
Paul Jodrel< no role > Esqr .
Mr Christr. Bateman< no role >
Mr. Phineas Cheek< no role >
M. Wm Myer
Thomas Stevens< no role > Esqr .
Dr Ja: Ladd< no role >
Henry Fendal< no role > Esqr .
Mr. Becker
Mr. Depty. Parrott
Mountague Drake< no role > Esqr .

Col. Perry
Mr. William Monk< no role >
Felix Feast< no role > Esqr .
Mr. Jos. Parsons< no role >
Mr. Cha. Loyd< no role >
Mr. Tho. Nicol< no role >
Edward Jennings< no role > Esqr .
Mr. Bishop
Col George Meggott< no role >
John Martyn< no role > Esqr .
Mr. Langmore
Mr. Nat Woolfreys< no role >
John Crosby< no role > Esqr .
The Honble Henry Bertie< no role >
Mr. Richard Snow< no role >
Mr. Tho. Preston< no role >
Mr. Pr. Hambly< no role >
Mr. Pindar
Mr. Thomas Hamond< no role >

This Court being cheifly called for the Election of a president
Trear and Comees and for the Confirmation of the Governor s and Officers
of the said hospitals proceeded to Election accordingly.

The Rt. Worshippll . sr . William Withers< no role > knt . and
Alderman the present president being nominated to be chosen
president of these hospitals for the year ensueing It plainly
appeared that the said sr . William Withers< no role > is by all the Governor s here
present unanimously Elected president of these hospitals for the year

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