Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

26th June 1713 - 2nd August 1722

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Image 455 of 55824th October 1720

29th July 1720

which is the whole Ground Rent of his Term, And also for what
further Term the Governors Shall be pleased to Grant, The Petr he will
pay halfe the Ground Rent and will at his own Charge Build and
Repair his part of the premisses and praying that he may have
a Lease of That half part of the Ground which lyes on the
South Side of the premisses for a Terme to expire Two or
three years before the Lease to be Granted by the Governors
to Mr. ArmitWhereupon It is Ordered That ye said
Report be Referred back to the same Comittee and that Cordwells
Petition be Referred to the same ComeeAnd that it be an
Instruction to the Comee that they agree that the passage to
the premisses be left upon without any Covering.

Apprentices .

At this Court the poor Boys hereafter named were ordered to be
put out Apprentices in this Hospital at the nomination of the
Governors hereafter namedVizt.


Indre dat 9th. Augt. 1720 .

Benjamin Lewis< no role > to Thomas Serjeant< no role > P Mr John Pott< no role >

Indre dat 15h. Septr. 1720 .

John Hubbart< no role > to Philipp Gill< no role > P Capt. Hannott

Indre dat 24h. Octor 1720

John Small< no role > to Allen Pager< no role > P Richard Bealing< no role > Esqr .

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