Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

26th June 1713 - 2nd August 1722

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Image 451 of 55829th July 1720

Bethlem }

London ss. At a Court holden at the sd. Hospll.
of Bridewell on Fryday the 29th.
of July 1720 .

sr . William Withers< no role > knt . & Aldn president
John Tayler< no role > Esqr .Treasr.

John Martyn< no role > Esqr .
Phineas Cheek< no role > Esqr .
Mr. Depty Waglett
Mr. Depty Everett
Tho. Aynscomb< no role > Esqr .
Mr. Benjamin Tooke< no role >
Mr. William Yerbury< no role >
Mr Wm Grubb< no role >
Edward Jennings< no role > Esqr .
Mr. Brocklesby
Col. Meggolt

Mr. John Elderton< no role >
Mr. Chrisr. Bateman< no role >
Mr. Wm Lee< no role >
Mr. Cha: Lloyd< no role >
Mr. Nat Woolfreys< no role >
Mr. Tho. Niccoll< no role >
Mr. Wm Monk< no role >
Mr. Thomas Parry< no role >
Mr. Depty. Beckley
Mr. John Foster< no role >

Mr. Richard Ash< no role >
Mr. Cha: Gretton< no role >
Mr. John Cully< no role >
Mr. John Hals< no role >
Mr. Depty Edwards
Mr. George Bludworth< no role >
Mr. John Parsons< no role >
Capt. Polenhampton
John Brydges< no role > Esqr .
Tho. Rawlinson< no role > Esqr .


Gerrard Abraham< no role > P sr John Fryer< no role > being charged by
John Stevens< no role > on very Strong Suspition of Picking his pockett
of a handkercheife


Brassey Thomas< no role > P dobeing charged by
Henry Jenks< no role > pilfring from him a Gown


William Thomas< no role > P sr . Wm Withers< no role > being charged by ye
Churchwardens of St Bartho. ye Great for that being idle runns
from his wife Six Children without takeing any Care to
provide for them whereby they are become chargeable to their

rent to labor.

Jarbow Sarah< no role > P doold Prisoner

Cont to labor.
Ex. & Val

CollyElizabeth< no role > P dobeing charged by Thomas
< no role > one of the Constables of St. Giles Cripplegate Extra for that
being a very disorderly woman was makeing a disturbance
at 3 on Sunday the 17th Instant in ye morning whereby ye
neighbors were terrified and the peace broke.

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