Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

26th June 1713 - 2nd August 1722

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Image 448 of 55827th May 1720

27th May 1720

dd us body appearing
agt her}

ButcherElizabeth< no role > P sr Wm Withers< no role > being charged by John
< no role > at the Sugar Loafe in Forestreet for that being a
disorderly woman, She abused him and his wife with Cursing and
imprecated them and others & known to be a street walker

pun & dd

Bowland Jane< no role > P dobeing charged by Thomas
< no role > at the Gold King in Cheap side Goldsmith for attempting to
Cheat him in ye Sale of some Counterfeit plate Button and a
Brass Medall proffering them as Silver.

cont to labor

Jarbow Sarah< no role > P dobeing chargd by Isabella Gaseley< no role > &
Henry Booth< no role > one of the Constables of black fryars for attempting
to get unto Gaseleys house and threatning to have her Blood &
being otherwise very disorderly and frequently found drunk Swearing
in the Streets and abusing the neighbors

cont to labor

GaulAnn< no role > P Dobeing charged by Saml.
< no role > Servant to Mr. Robert Canledant< no role > in pudding Lane Orange
Master for attempting to take away a parcell of Oranges and

Govr. Reced their Charge

At this Court the Charge was read to Richard Foley< no role > Esqr . and John Brydges< no role > Esqr
as Governers of these hospitals.

Rennt Theo< no role >
Cordwell Edwd< no role > }
petition for
an additional
[..] in ye prm. lately burst
in Bridewell precinct Ref}
Ex. & Kal.

Upon reading the humble petition of Theophilus Armit< no role > Setting forth That he is Tent.
of the premisses burnt down by the late fire which happened in Bridewell precinct under a Lease
from the Governor s of this hospital to Sarah Newby< no role > which will expire at Midsumr. 1727 & ye.
he is obliged to rebuild ye same And praying that ye Govrs. will be pleased in consideration
of his great Losses by ye sd fire & to encourage him to rebuild to grant him Such an additional
Terme of years as they Shall think fittAnd Also upon reading ye humble petition of
Edward Cordwell< no role > Setting forth That he held a Tenemt. Yard & wharfe of Mr. Armitt by
Lease dated the 8th of Jane 1714 for Seven years with a Covenant for an addition of 4 years
if ye petr. desired it which whole time will expire at Midsumr. 1725. that ye premisses are
part if the possessions of this hospital and as he is informed were Leased by the Govermd.
to Sarah Newly< no role > for a Term if years which will expire at Midsumr. 1727 and that by
the late fire he lost all his Goods & ye premisses were burnt down & he is obliged by
his Lease to rebuild ye same according to ye 2d. rate of Building and praying that ye
Governors would be pleased in consideration of his great Loss & to encourage him to
rebuild to grant him such an additional Terme of years under such a proportionable
part of the reserved Rent as they Should think fett. It is Ordered that it be Referred
to ye Comittee of this house with such Gentlemen of ye long Robe as are Governors of these
Hospitals and Ephraim Beamhamp< no role > Esqr . & Mr. Jno. Chamberlen< no role > to consider of ye sd petitions and ye
different pretensions of the petrs. what title they or any other Claimants have to ye premisses
what Insureance they had made, wt. was the value of the Buildings before ye fire & what
it will Cost to rebuild ye same according to ye 2d. rate of Building & what an mbeir of years it
may be reasonable to add to ye Term unesquired in the Lease from the hospital and the sd.
Comittee are desired to enquire how ye fire happend & upon Such other Circumstances
as Shall be brought before them in relation to ye hospital and ye Sufferers and to Report
to ye Court their Opinion what is proper to be done therein

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