Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

26th June 1713 - 2nd August 1722

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5th Febry 1719/20

Longbridge Jno< no role > appr to
be kind over to any pe [..]
of ye same trade}

Upon reading a Report from the Comee of this house under the hand
of John Taylor< no role > Esqr Trear Mr Thomas head< no role > Mr Wm. Grubb< no role > Mr Jno Knapp< no role >
and Mr. Benjamin Took< no role > bearing date the 2d day of Decemr last in the
words followingThis Comee in persuance of an Order of Court of the
24th. day of July Last these considered ye watter of ye Complaint of Roger Gethin< no role >
agt his Apprentice John Langbridge< no role > that he has been very idle all the time
he has Served of his apprenticeship which is about 4 years and neglect his
work and refuses to give an account how he comes by the money he Spends
and this Comee are of Opinion that ye said John Langbridge< no role > be turned over
to his father or any other freeman of ye same Trade that will take him
This Court doth Confirm ye sd Report and Order that ye sd John Lang bridge
be turned over accordingly.

Engine [..] and Augt
January [..] in ye hospitl.
two more to be set up
method leave of ye Court.}

Upon reading a Report from ye Comee of this house under this hands of John
< no role > Esqr Treasr . Mr Samuel Stanton< no role > Mr Thomas head< no role > Mr Benjamin Tooke< no role >
& Mr Charles Lloyd< no role > bearing date the 13th day of January Last in the words
followingvizt. In Persuance of an Order of Court the 24th. day of July last
This Comee have examined into ye matter of the Petition of Skynner C Morris two
Engine Weavers on behalfe of themselves and ye rest of that Brown of the wearing
Trade complaining that George Hooker< no role > one of the Artsmasters has Set up Enquire
Looms in the hospital contrary to ye Order of Court upon his admittance & to the
prejudice of those who have served their apprenticeships in the hospital And
also the petition of the said George Hooker< no role > wherein he acknowledges of his fault
and beggs pardon of the Court for setting up ye sd Looms without lease of the Court & Says he was unpoverished by using only hand
Looms which he did for about 3 years after his admittance and was then under
a necessity of Setting up Engine Looms or otherwise he must have Starved in
the Hospital or have quitted it to follow that way of Trade in another place
& humbly hopes ye Court will permit him to carry on ye said Trade in the
hospital and the Comee defind upon inquiry that Engine Looms have been
used in this hospital by Gabriel Bestman< no role > about 20 years, By John Machin< no role >
about 9 years, By Allen Page< no role > about 15 years and by Roger Gethin< no role > about 10
years and that no other Engine Looms are used in the hospital Except by
the said Hooker who keeps four Apprentices Employed in that way And
this Court being acquainted that the Said Best man employs 9 of the said
Loomb Machin 8, Page 8, Hooker 4, and Gethin one In all 30. It is
Ordered that no more Engine Looms be Set up in this hospital wth out
Leave on this Court and that every [..] Artsmastr. upon his
admittance be arguainted therewith

Ex. & Kal

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