Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

26th June 1713 - 2nd August 1722

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24th. July 1719

Coles Jno< no role > . Petn. P Locks Gift

Upon reading the humble Petition of John Coles< no role > Setting forth that he
Served his apprenticeship to James Candott< no role > one of the artsmar s. of this
hospitals by Indenture date the 4th day of June 1703 and by an
Order of this Court of ye 30th day of June 1710 he was on ye 7th. day of
July 1718 . made free of This City and is Tett up for himself in his sd
Trade in St. John is Court in Cow Lane next door to the Cooper
Arms And praying Some part of Mr. Locks Gift to enables him to
carry on his Said Trade It is Ordered that Captain Edward
< no role > and Mr Depty Beckley 2 of the Governor s of these
hospitalsbe desired to inquire whether ye said
John Coles< no role > be Sett up in his said Trade and of his hopefullness
there and to make their Report to ye Court

Engine WeavedState of ye
Matter Reported to ye Court}

A Report being read from ye Comee of this house under the
hand of John Taylor< no role > Esqr . Trear . Mr. Wm Lee< no role > Mr Cha: Loyd< no role > Mr
Christopher Bateman< no role > Mr. Richd. Rawlinson< no role > bearing date ye 27th. day of May
Last in ye works following vizt. In persuance of an Order of Court-
holden at this hospital ye 10th. day of of Aprill last This Comee have
examined into ye allegations of ye Petition of Nathanl. Skymer< no role > &
John Morris< no role > two Engine Weavers Who served their apprentice ships in this
hospital Setting forth. That George hooker< no role > one of ye artsmar s has Sett
up Several Enqine Lavons in this hospital contrary to ye Order of Court
on his admittance to ye great Presudice of the Petr And praying to be heard
in behalfe of the Comee and ye real of Court Branch of ye covering
Trade and this Comee finding that upon ye admission of the Said George
< no role > as an artsmar . ye 2d Decemr. 1715. It was Ordered by ye
Court that he Should not Sett up or use any Engine Looms in this
hospital and That ye Journeyman he Should emptey Should be such as
served their apprenticeship in this hospital The Comel Sent for ye sd
George hooker who acknowledged that he had himself promised ye
Court he would not use any Enquire Loomb in The hospital with out leave
of ye Court and said that accordingly he did use only Single Looms
for near three years till he found himself redused and That his-
apprentices did not earn their victuals and therefore he was under a
necessity of Setting up his Engine Loome but was very Sorry that he
had done its without leave of ye Court and humbly hoped the Court
would give him leave to use them as others do in the hospital
Whereupon It is Ordered that this State of ye matter be Reported
to ye use Court

Hooker Geo< no role > :Petn. Referred to
Comee. & Engine weaves pet
Referred back

Then the Petition of George Hooker< no role > being read Setting forth
That he humbly conceives his useing of ye Engine Looms is of no
presudice to ye Trade and that work being much better than ye other

Ex. & Kal.

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