Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

26th June 1713 - 2nd August 1722

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Image 425 of 5582nd July 1718

24th July 1719

Atkins Thomas< no role > Junr. Beadle
a Grotaty of 12

Upon reading a Report from the Comittee of this house under the
hand of John Taylor< no role > Esqr . Treasurer John Martyn< no role > Esqr . Mr Wm Lee< no role >
Mr Depty John Event< no role > and Mr John Elderton< no role > bearing date the 2d day
of July instant in the words following vizt. In persuance of an order
of Court holden at this hospital the 15th day of May Last This Comee
have taken into Consideration the petition of Thomas Atkins< no role > the
Junior Beadle of this hospital Setting forth that when he was Porter
man he Work after the Com [..] and did his utmost diligence and
intended to petition for a Gratuity for his Extraordinary [..]
that Imployment That Sure he has been Beadle he had Continued
his dilligence but the Incombe of that place being on more than 12
P Annum he is hardly able to Subsist himself his wife two
Children and his antient Mother and humbly praying Some further
allowance towards then SupportAnd this Comee do find that
the Petitioner was Portersman about Six years and about
four year of that time there were Co [..] nt Prisoner in this
hospital which were under his Care That at a Court ye 22d. day
of March 1716 The Comittee recomended him to the Court as
dese [..] ing a Gratuity but there being at that time a prospect of
Imploying him in Some other way in the Sevice of the hospital more
to his advantage The consideration there of was deferred and has
not been Since resumed Upon whole this Comittee are of
opinion to give the petr. a Gratuity of Twelve pounds which
nevertheless is Submitted to the Judgment of the CourtThis Court
doth Confirm the said Report and Order that the Clerk of this
hospital do pay to the said Thomas Atkins< no role > Twelve pounds as a
Gratuity to be allowed him in his next account

Blackmore Tho< no role > pet go Locks

Upon reading the humble Petition of Thomas Blackmore< no role > Setting forth
that he served his apprenticeship to William Atkins< no role > deced late one
of the artsmasters of this hospital by Indre dated the 30th. day of
May 1700 and by an Order of Court of ye 12th. of Octor. 1716 he
was on ye 2d. day of July 1718 made free of this City and is Sett
up for himselfe in his said Tradeat Mrs. Blackmores in
Nicholas Street in spittle feilds agt. ye Consort of Musick and
praying Some part of Mr Lucks Gift to enable him to carry on
his said Trade It is Ordered that Mr William Lee< no role > . Mr Turner
and Capt hannott three of the Governor s of these hospitals or any
two of them be desired to enquire whether ye sd Thanas Blackmore< no role > be
Sett up in his said Trade and of his hopefullness therein and to make
their Report to this Court.

Ex. &. Kal.

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