Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

26th June 1713 - 2nd August 1722

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13th. May 1715

Fowk's CourtComee
Rept. about ye houses beirut}

Upon Reading a Report from the Comee of this house under
the hands of John Tayler< no role > Esqr . Treasurer sr Samuel Clarke< no role > Mr. Depty . Robt. Stamper< no role >
Mr Samuel Keble< no role > & Coll Meggott dated 26th. Aprill last in the words
following viztThis Comee in pursuance of an Order of the 25th by
February last haveing examined into the State of the Cases of the Severall
persons who were Tenants to the hospital of Bethlem of ye houses
lately burnt down in Fowks Court to haveing been attended by ye sd Tenant

Do find that Mr Stephen Scott< no role > hold One house there at 26 P Annu as
assignee ofKilner under a Lease which lately expired & upon his
applycation to the Court a new Lease was ordered to be made to the said Steph:
< no role > for 21 years at the Same Rent but that he lett the Rent run in
area are & what was reced of him was gott wth. great difficulty & threateing
to distreign And he never came to Settle ye Lease So that this Comee are
of Opinion he is not obliged to rebuild

That Mr Joseph Mayne< no role > held one other of the Said houses by Lease (wth.
will expire at Michas next) at the rent of 26 P Annum & he acquainted
this Comee that he had Insured 400. on the Said house which Sume to
proposed to pay for ye use of the sd hospital if ye Governor. will please
to accept of a Surrender of his Lease & discharge him of the Rent & Covents.
from Xmas last This Comee are of Opinion to accept ye sd proposeal

That Mr. Henry Burlace< no role > held another house in ye sd Court at the rent
of 26 P Annum under a Lease which also expired at Michmas next who
Sayes he has made no insureance but hopes the Court will consider his
Loss by ye said five & is willing to Submitt to Such order as the Court
shall think fitt to make therein

And this Comee also find that Mr. John Simpson< no role > held another
house in the said Court for which a Little before the said fire
happened he Signed and agreement to accept a Lease for Eleven years
but the Lease not being executed he insists he is not obliged to rebuild
& thereupon this Comee have ordered the Clerk to draw up the Case
take Councels Opinion therein

Treasurer to apply for a
New Lease for ye Bridgehouse

This Comee also find that Mr. Margarett Saunders< no role > held a [..]
of ground in the sd Court under a Lease from Mr Fowks to due Andrews for 61 years wch will expire anno 1732 at the Rent of
12 P Annum which Mr. Fowks held by a Lease form the Bridgehouse
for 71 years which will expire anno 1742 at the Rent of 4. P Annu
ad Mr Fowkes by his Will gave One Moiety of ye sd Ground to Bethlem
hospital And the other Moiety to Christ's hospital & the house which
was built thereon being demolished by the Late fire Mrs. Saunders pray
this Comee to apply to the Bridgehouse for an additional Terme and
that the Governours will be pleased to make her Terme up 61 years wherein
this Comee desires the direction of ye Court All which is neverthelesse
humbly Submitted to ye Judgment of ye CourtIt is Ordered
that Mr Treasr. Tayler be desired to Joine wth the Treasr. of Christr
hospital to gett a renewall of ye Lease from ye Bridgehouse of a
peice of ground in or near Fowks Court in Tower street which to as
given by ye Will of Mr John Fowkes< no role > to Bethlem hospital and Christr
hospital in Moietys And It is further Ordered that it be referred
back to the Comee of this house to treat wth Mr Henry Burlace< no role > about ye rebuilding
his house and to Report their Opinion thereon to this Court after which this Con [..]
will Consider further of the Report which has been now read.

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