Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

26th June 1713 - 2nd August 1722

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Image 3 of 55826th June 1713

Anderson John Appr2

Ambler Hanky Esr . of Cha Bream a Lease of a
Whafe Etc a Bridwell Precinct

Atterbury Dr Fran: sd. Bishop of Rochester noiated Govenor: 38
Do Elected Governor .43

artsmar s who neglect conceing to Chappel to
attend next Court

do to go wth. their appr from ye school room
to Chappel on Sundays

do Order received for their goeing wth their
Apprentice to Chappel

Ashwell John
Aslatt Samll.
to be put Apprentice69

Adams Doctor to be struck out of ye List of Govrs. 68
Artsmasters. Appartmts to be viewed109

Apothecary Adams widdow to serve ye. Medicines
till the End of the quarter

Apothecary-Elderton William-Elected-118
Alington Ld. Hildebrand noiated Geo (Fo 123) Confirmd 126

Artsmasters Appartmts. haveing been viewd It
is Referred to Comee howmany apprentices
they shall keep

Atkins Wm & his wife to be Removed out of ye Hospll. 129

Arnall-a Lease of a house at Wapping to Isaac Tayler
in Trust

Acton Francis Esgr Nowd a Govr. (fo 150) (Es 181) Charg: 183
Artmasters WeddowFowler petr for Charity157

Apprentice disorders on ye Kt. Coronation day
& pr of Wales's Birth day Examind into
161 163

doState of ye Case168 to 179
ArnoldsAnnuity Trustees to be allowd 6..15 for Taxes 166


AkermanRichardTo be put apprentice186
Acton Walter-Elected Steward189
Arcker-Thomas-to be put apprentice199
actonWalterSteward his twenty apprencd202
Apprentices not to go out of ye hospll on 28 & 29th May mst. 210

Ambler Humphry Lycense to assign his Lease in
Bridewell Premit to ye New River Compa

to take care of their
if in any Ryots to be Shippd & dismissed

ArtsmastersPetitions to be reg to Comee& are
advertizemt. to be publishd before they are Chosen

doone no pretence to take in or Notes fitt [..] appr 251
donot to Suffer appr to lye out of hospl
without Leave of Court or Comee

Ash-Mr. Richard-noiated a Govr. (fo 254) Confirmd261
Ambrey Edwd. Trustee for Mary Natin-pet for a Lease
at Cha..Ref

Atkinsye Porterman Recomended P Comee for a Gra 267
Acctsto be made up yearly272
Auditorsof accots. to inspect officers Securitys272

ActonStewd. to give 1000 security & to receive
Rents from Xmas 1716

Ash Mr. Richd.Reced his Charge276
artsmar snone to be admitted wth out a Ceit of settlemt.277
Ambrose Laur to be put apprentice297

Areal-Elizabeth Petn for Louse at Wopp to be
made to her wch. was Orderd to be made to New
Taylor In Trust for her husband same deced Hop

Artsmasters-Comee to examine of all f [..] of Load306
Appr-none to be bound without a Cert of their Settlemt309
Appr-to be inrolled as soon as bound309
Atkins-Thomas-Elected Beadle311

Arnal-Eliz: to have a Lease of a house at Wepp [..]
was ordered to be made to Taylor in Trust for her
husband since deced

Annable-Saml.-to be putt apprentice326

Apprentices, not inrolled in tain to be no bound p [..]
to an order of Court of Aldren & to be made
free at the Expiracon of their first Indres

do-who Refuse to be rebound to give then [..] 336

Apprentices-who refuse to be rebound- hefe to Comee
whether they Shall how Cloths at Easter

Acton-Oliver-elected Steward339

Axtell-Nathanl. Esqr .-refusing to be Stewd. of ye
Election Feast his turn to be left out of ye List

Amcable Saml. apprentice dischd. from Henpblock 360
Anderson-James to be made free361

artsmar Bowes orderd to be [..] ye Hospl.
for letting his apprentice out on a Holyday
unhary to ye Order of Court
Francis Petition to be referrd ref238
Report thereon253
Apothecarys Bill ao 1717 Referrd to Comee Etc 369

Apprentices haveing been disorderly on ye 5th Novr. 1715
& complaint being made to ye Court of Aldn
ye matter is Stated with an abstant of Several
Orders of ye Govrs abst. ye Artsmr & apprentice &
Order of ye Court of Aldn Refused to ye
Comee of the house

artsmar manal Orders concerning them371
Acton Stewd of Brid to have a Con [..] 386

Ayascomb Tho: Esqr . noiated Govr. fo (388) Conf
Anstis John Esqr . noiated Govr. Fs (388) Conf

artsmar snot to turn our then apprentice
without leave of ye Court

Atkins Thomas Janr. Beadle petn. for a Grad ref
to Comee

do a Gratuity of 12393
Austis Jno Elgr. Reced his Charge402
Agnscombe Tho Esqr Reced his Charge402

Acton Walten late stewd his security Bond
to be Concelled

Arnal Elizabeth to have a Memorand made on
Feils Lease Wapp

Apprentices who petn. to be free or for Locks
Gift their behavior to be Reported by
ye Comee before ye Court makes any ord

Aamit Theo: petn for an additonal Termer
ye procees lately burnt in Bridewell precinct

Armit & Cordwell of Comee to receive proposals
from ye next River water Co & Roport

Aylette Jos. Esqr . noiated Govr. fo (423) Confirmd 460

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