Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

16th May 1701 - 19th June 1713

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Male Wm made free18:
Ditto to be viewed21:
Ditto 10 Locks guift24:

Martin Mary to stay in house till

Martin Beadle his Funerall to be paid124:
Mrs Mount to attend next Court129:

Mrs. Mounts affair referred to Sr Gabll
Roberts and Sr Gilbert Heathcote}

Mount Mary to be attended by the Clerk 146
Comittee appointed to settle her a Fair149
Report thereupon152
Committee to recover due from her: 160
Mile End houses to be let150. 163.
Male James to be made free167
Morton John noiated a Govr169:
Male James to be viewd173:
Morley Dor noiated a Governor174:
Malt James 10 Locks guift180
Maston John apprent191
Monger Mr Peter admitted a Govr193:
Muggeston Humphrey to be made Free198
Ditto to be viewed200
ditto 10203
Morley Dor. admitted a Govr.211
Master Charles to bee viewed237
Master shett Governor242
Millman Wm Esqr Nominated a Govr258
Millman WmEsqr Governor269
Mayne Joseph Danl: Tildons Lease 281
Moncaster admitted Gobberson282
Malcher Richd: Nominated Governor291
Maile James Junr elected Beadle301
Malcher Richd: admitted Governor306
Mitchell Jno: made free318
Murray James do318
Mitchell Jno: to bee viewed324
Murray James do324
Do. To have Locks Gift327
Mitchell John do327
Moore John Approved Govr.330
Mullett Wm. Apprentice348
Matron an Electon in ye room of Gibson appointed 355
Mitton Eliz: Elected Matron357
Moreton Richd to be Apprentice357
Machin's Petition for Harrison house Referref367

Meggott Major George Nomd. a Govr374
Mitchell Mr John Nomd. a Govr376
DoConfirmed Govr379
Matron her Complaint agt the Courtts382
Moore Tho: To be Appr383
Medlicott Tho: Esqr Nomd. Govr.386
Meggott Major Geo: Appr Govr387
Medlicott Tho: Esqr. Admd. Govr395
MonkClerke to Sue him for Arrear of Rent 396
Mitchell John Esqr. Reced Charge as Govr.399
Meggott Major George Reced Charge as Govr. 399
Martin Mr. John Nomd. Govr408
DoApproved Govr419

St. Margt. Westmr.-Jasmin Wm an Hospital
Appr. his Settlemt. disputed}

Mollett Wm. Appr to Phillipps-Judies to be Comd448

MonkeDischarge of Arrears of Rent on
Surrending Lease}

Monkes house to be Repaired520
Manlove Nathll. EsqrNoced a Govr525
Do. Elected a Governor528
Male Danll. made free540

Mitchell Wm
Man Moses}

Male James Senr. Beadle to Officiate as Porter557
Medlicote Tho: Esqr Reced Charge as Govr568
Manlove Nathll. Esqr Reced Charge as Govr568
Morgan Sr. Thomas Noced a Govr586
Males Service as Porter Referred588

Male Senr. to have 50s. for offmateing
as Porter dureing Empson Suspected}

Morgan Sr Thomas Elected a Govr600

Mason to the HospitalComee to Confed
of necessary to Elect by ye Court}

Malcaster Henry added to
Bethlem Comee 1712}

Moorey Tho: Appr664
Male George made free668

Merrub Eliz. Lyceure to assigue
to Hugh Hammersley Esqr}

Marks Nathanl. a Legacy of
50 to Bridewell}

Morris John to be made free 701

Morgan St. Thos: rec Charged 708
Major Jos. Esqr Nored Govr. 711

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