Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

23rd August 1695 - 2nd May 1701

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Currently Held: Bethlem Royal Hospital Archives

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Image 29 of 45413th September 1695

Sarah Holmes< no role > P Warrt of Lord Maior charged to have layne with
a Strange man in a Tavern

Anne Davison< no role > P Warrt: of Lord Maior charged on Oath by Mary Hurgt< no role >
to have pilfered from her one suite of Headclothes & divers other

Sarah Lane< no role > This name instance is in set 2084. P Warrt: of Lord Maior charged wth: bargaining to lye with
a man unknown & for being an incontinent Pson

Frances Moor< no role > P Warrt: of Sr Wm: Ashurst< no role > charged by Mary Lewis< no role >
her Mr. for running away from her service & Imbezilling
her Goods being her Aprentice & being an Idle disorderly Pson
dd to her Mrs:

Anne Wilson< no role > P Warrt: of Sr Thos: Stamp< no role > being an Idle vagrant Pson
taken about one or Two a Clock in the Morning in the Street
haveing pilfered a Small parcell of Tobacko & a Stick of Logwood
taken her Custody.

Eliz: Remmington< no role > P Warrt: of Lord Maior charged with being taken in
a Bawdy house & agreeing wth: a Leman to lye wth: her for 2s:6d

Anne Wallis< no role > P Warrt: of Sr. Edward Clarke< no role > charged on Oath by Richard
< no role > on suspicon of hicking his Pockett of 8:10s


Mary Price< no role > This name instance is in set 2082.

To Labr :

Eliz: Dancer< no role > }
P Warrt: of Sr Wm: Ashurst< no role > charged by John Billingsley< no role >
Const to be lewd disorderly Women and comon night
walkers haveing pickes up a man in the Street a Stranger
to them & goeing wth: him to a publick house and offering
him to lye wth: them

[..] der comerning the
[..] nistr: Expunged

A Motion being this day made to this Court for the discharging
and expungingand dischargingan Order made the 8th: of August last
inrelacon to the Minister of this Hospll: And this Court takeing the
same into consideracon after debate thereof Doe think fitt That the
said order be discharged and expunged out of the said Hosplls: Bookes

John Foreman< no role >
att 2s:6d

Also Upon the humble Peticon of Sarah Foreman< no role > for some mittigacon
of the Weekely paymt: of Five Shillings for the keeping of John Foreman< no role >
her husband a poor Lunatick in the Hospll: of Bethlem he haveing nothing
of his own & being maintained by the Industrye of his said wife sho is noe
longer able to be are the charge thereof It is Ordered by this Court That
securitye being given for the paymt: of Two Shillings Six pence a Weeke
for the future That then the same shall be received and the bond for-
paymt: of Five Shillings a Weeke be delivered up to be cancelled.

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