Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

23rd August 1695 - 2nd May 1701

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Lovell Sr. Salach Record admd Gover3.
Lepiper. Peter Admd. Governor51.
Loveday Mrs. Peticonr referred to next Cort 91
Loveday Mrs: Peticon furthr. referred 116

Lands Annuity Clerk to informe him
selfe thereof

Loveday Mrs. to make Pposall for a New Case 147
Lands houseson Clk's rept. referred to Cond 149
Lester Wmat 2s: P w151
Lovedays proposall referred Comittee 153
Lands housesComittees Rept. confirmed154
Loveday Mrs. Committees Rept. confirmed161

Dittoto have a Lease of North leigh
for 31 yers. at £1000 fine

The sd. Lease to be in Mr. Perrotts name 189
Lawrence Francis to be Enquired 194
Leparrs James to Bethlem at 2s:6 P w 255.
Linney to be viewd264:
Lawrence Mr Jos: noiated a Govr. 274
Linney Jos. £10284
Leeman Tho: made Free285:
Ludlam Mr. Geo: noiated a Govr 303
Ditto admitted327.
Leeman Tho: to be viewd336
Ditto £10339:
Mr. Martin Elertsdan A [..] 385

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