Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

23rd August 1695 - 2nd May 1701

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Ge thing Roger Eleted Beadles3
Groming Mr Fredrick Nord Goner14
Gift from a p [..] browns17
Groming Frederick admd. Govr29
Green Mr.admd. Governr29
Gurling Robt. made free44
Green Samll. made free44
Gething Danll. made free44
Goring Esqr. Noiated Governor46
Gawtlett Jonath: Forgiven49
Green Chr to repay50s Etc98
Gorning Lovett Enqr. Admd. Governr.69
Green Samll. to be Enquired of74
Gurling Robt. To be Enquired of75
Gurling Robt.£1078
Green Samll£1080
Gipps Margtt.40s:81
Gardiner Thos: Admd. Governor85
Greenwood Thos. Appr101
Road James to Bethlem at 3s.122
Gipps Margtt40s 131
Gelderd Jno App:132
Gobell Tho App140

Glaswindow Tax on Officers of
Bridewell to be pd by ye Hosptl.

Gough Geremy Admd. Governr.190
Gunston Mr. Wm. Noiated Govr.201
Gibson Wm.made Free201
Gunston Mr. Wm [..] admitted a Govr. 207
Goodman Samll made Free218:
Gibson Wm to be enquired off251
Goldsmith Jno Apprent256
Gurney Mr. a New Least261

Glover and Elsley Chappell wardens
Refused by the Court

Greenwood John made Free285
Grove John - made free285
Gipps Margarett at 2s:6d P wd. 289
Grove Jno to be viewd300
Grubb Mr noiated a Govr.303:
Greenwood Jno £10322
Grubb Mr Wm admitted a Govr. 327
Guy Thos and John noiated Govr. 327
Pipps at 2s 6d P week335
Gorft James Elected Artsmar 385
Goslin Robt Appr355

Mr Golfright Comee to discourte
abb his Estate

Gobbins Dowthy at 2s P Week 383
Gething Daniel [..] 886
Gardiner Mr Wm. admitted Govr 412
Gardiner Mr. Depty. Elected Trear 400

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