Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

23rd August 1695 - 2nd May 1701

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Prederick St. John Esqr nod: Govr6
Beadles of Bridewell gratuity9
Beadles of Bethlem gratuity9
Bendlows Tho: Esqr admd. Govr:10
Bethlem Wardrobe16
Bell Wm Chosen Artmar35
Byard SamuelGeorgeAppr38
Beadles of Bridewells Gratuites37
Beadles of Bethlems Gratuities38
Bearnard Robt. made free54
Bundye Dennis at 2s:97
Baldry Cha. Appr99
Bells Security refferred41
Bells Security approved43
Bradley Gratuity69
Blackmore Dr. noiated Governor60
Beadles of Bridewill: - & Bethlem Gratuity's 69
Beckford Wm. Esqr. noiated Governer69
Bettenson Esqr. Tha [..] for his Charity94
Bradley Bridwenell Gratuity Etc103
Bradley Bethlem Gratuity104
Bartholomew Wm. Appr.104

Buller Wm. noiated to be Appr. But
referred to Mr. Trear

Bernard Robt. to be Enquired of108
Bowles Jno. Appr111
Barnard Robt.£10.114
Barfreston Farme to be Left by ye Clke & Mr Jeremy 116
Baker Math made free120
Browne Jos: made free120
Buttler Robt. made free111
Bowles Jno. Apprentice111
Beddingfield Aldran Admd. Govr.128
Brough Mr. Robt. Noiated Govr132
Bromage Anth Noiated Govr134
Beadles of Bridewell Gratuity150
Beadles of BethlemLike151

Briewell precinct Inhitants peticon
refered to Comittee for Bridewell

Bromage Mr. Anth Admd. Govr.151
Bowes Robt Chosen Artsmr.154

Inhitants of Bridewell Precinct
Comittees Rept confirmed

Butters Robt to be Enquired of162
Bannister Mr. Geo: noiated Govr.162
Brooks Anth to Bethlem at 2s. pw 167
Buttler Robt£10167
Bull Danllto Reth. at 2s.6d 176
Bower Robt Security referred176
Beadles of Bridewell Gratuity el 177
Beadles of Bethlem like177
Bowes's Security Approved180
Bentley Jno. Apprentice103

Burton Wm. To take Care of ye. Womens -
workshop at Michas next

Bennett Wm. to have a new Leefe200
Baker Math To be Enquired of
Barker Jno. made free201

Burtons proposall referred to Comtee214
Burton Comtees Report abt Sailcloth 221
Beadles Bridwell gratuitys225
ditto Backettmen of Bothlem225
Brewer of Bethlem to be chosen next Court 225
Brought Robt admitted Govr229
Beckford Wm admitted Govr229
Barrett Richd to Beth at 2s P week233
Bagnall Mr. Noiated a Govr233
Bull Mr. noiated a Govr.243
Baraby Mr. noiated a Govr.243
Baker Mathew sd Locks Guift251
Burton Mr. his peticon referred255
Beadles gratuitys262
Backettmen Bethlem do262
Barnes Tho: noiated Govr267
Bethlem Hospll Comtee to consider ye Governer280
Bolter John £5283
Barnes Mr. Tho: admitted Govr284
Boultby Benja: admitted a Govr284
Baker John Apprent285
Butler Richd Appr285
Bethlem Comtees Report confimed288
Browne Wm Appr300
Browne Mr Noiated a Govr303

Bridewell Precinct Complaint referred
to Comittee

Beadles to go on all Errands306
Beadles Gratuitys317
Baskettmen do 8318
Baker Ann 16321
Blake Tatnai made Free321
Bethlem apothecary ye report confirmed326
Bagnall Gibbon admitted Govr336
Binfield Abram appr:348
Bull Mr Richd admitted a Govr355
Boultor Artsmasser Espilled414
Bradely Sampson Appr355
Beecham Valentine at 2s. [..] 358
Bethlem Patients their Security to be looked after [..] 358
Blackmore Thomas Appr359
Bridewell Comees Rept [..] to disorders Confirmed 361

Beadles gratuity
Baskettmen do.}363

Buckwell Joseph to be made free364

Bethlem Comes Rept. Confirmd for Out Patients
to have Ply Sick at ye Charge of ye. Hospital

Barnardiston Mr John Noiated Govr. 387
Best Rot to be made Free387

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