Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

23rd August 1695 - 2nd May 1701

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Currently Held: Bethlem Royal Hospital Archives

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Image 108 of 45415th January 1697

Willm Mocksey< no role > P warrt: of Sr. Robt. Geffery< no role > chd. by Jon. Lewis< no role > For
stealing from him A houseing of A Dray horse val 5s: tooke upon

Jno Black< no role > P warrt: of Sr. Robt. Geffery chd. by Richd. Griffin< no role > For
deserting their Mars: Service.
dd & The Capt. to give Security
to return them to Barbados

Elenor Worley< no role > P warrt: of Mr. Recordr: chd. by Tho Billingsley< no role > To be a
[..] Idle Disordrly. woman & Comon Night walker
To Labor.

Elizth: Surplus< no role > als. Blake< no role > P Ordr: of Sessions chd. for cheating Edwd: Turvey< no role > of
30s. by a Counterfeited note
To be returned to the Sessions

Rose Welch< no role > als Jopson< no role > P warrt. of Sr. Peter Daniell< no role > chd: by Frances Gowery< no role >
For liveing incontinently wth. Jon. Gowerley< no role > her Husband & for
being a Comon Nightwalker

Anne Hawkes< no role > als Collinson< no role > P warrt: of Sr: Robt: Geffery chd: by Thomas
< no role > for being A loose Idle person & comitting Leonding
wth: a Strange man

To Labor.

Mary Harvey< no role >


Ruth Truelove< no role >

To Labr: & to
have noe more
then she Earnes

& Mary Rigbey< no role > }
P warrt. of Sr. Robt. Geffery chd. by Tho: Billingsley< no role > for
being loose idle persons & Plyer's at a Bawdy house

Mary Eyres< no role > P warrt: of Sr. Robt. Geffery chd. by James Stiles< no role > on Suspicion
of cheating him of above 4: in money part being found upon

Blanch Harford< no role > P warrt. of Sr. Richd. Levett< no role > chd. by Kathr. in & Smith< no role > &
Mistris for Pilfring from the sd. Smith 2: paire of Gloves & or
Suspiscion of pilfering from her severall othr. good's at diver
times The sd. Harford confest she tooke the aforesd. gloves & several
times hath Inn be & illed her Mrs: [..] money.


Elizth: Smart< no role >


Robt. Smart< no role > }
P warrt: of Sr. Tho Lane< no role > chd. by Samll: Finch< no role > for being Idle
loose pilfering person's & pilfering from him four Bolling
of Silke & peaces of Candles Etc

Mary Davis< no role > This name instance is in set 2081. P warrt: of Sr: Robt. Geffery chd. by Tho: Billingsley< no role > For [..]
a comon nightwalker & for being pickt upp late last night by &
strange man

Sarah Gilbert< no role > P warrt. of Sr. Robt: Geffery chd. by Mr: Gilbert East< no role > [..]
For comeing into his house wth. one Sarah Pryer< no role > unknowne to the
& by her own confession They stole the use 2 gold ring's of
King woman's of his val 14s.

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