Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

23rd August 1695 - 2nd May 1701

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Currently Held: Bethlem Royal Hospital Archives

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Image 4 of 45423rd August 1695

Mans Abr Clesen Apothecary to Beth 35
Arnold Joseph Chosen beadle of Bethlem95
Arnold Joseph Dischd. of his Service at Bethlem117
Atterbury Dr. to preach in the afternoons. 232:
Attwood Mr. Robt necated a Govr236
Arlsmars Covenants to be sealed245:
Ashburner Thos. to be recomended to next Clerk 247:
Avis Mr Jos: admitted a Govr.303

Apprentices & Servts to have private

Artsmars Bonds to be Persised by Comtee. 321:

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