Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

6th January 1689 - 8th August 1695

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Image 488 of 5007th June 1695

Anne Brasbridge< no role > P Warrt: of Sr Edwd Clarke< no role > charged by
Owen Freeman< no role > of St. Andrs: Holborne Const for being
a lewd Idle & disorderly Pson That can give noe good
account of herselfe taken out last night late & very
To Labr:

Eliz Collins< no role > P Warrt: of Sr : Pat Ward< no role > charged by Ellinor
< no role > for Assaulting & beating her she appearing
a very disorderly & debauched woman haveing
sworne divers Oaths

Mary Everton< no role > P Warrt: of Sr : Edwd Clarke< no role > charged by Tho
< no role > her Mr: on Oath & P her own confession for
pilfering of divers goods of a considerable Value
from her said Mr:

Eliz: Brown< no role > P Warrt: of Sr : Robt: Geffery< no role > charged by
Moses Cardsoe< no role > This name instance is in set 3559. for stealing from him severall
Shifts & other Small Linnen to about 15s Value
or thereabouts & found in her custody.

Eliz: Bunn< no role > P Warrt: of Sr : Tho Stamp < no role > charged by John
< no role > to have pilfered from him a Lynnen
Apron wch: was taken about her
To Labr:

Tho Cowtes< no role > upon the complaint of his Master Francis
< no role > for refusing to worke and be haveing himselfe
very ill & for his obstinacy comitted
To Labr.

Mr Long to have
a staff.

At this Court John Long< no role > Weaver who has been
about 20 yeares One of the Artsmasters of the Hospll. of
Bridewell after haveing rendred his humble & gratefull
thankes & acknowledgemts: to this Court for the benefitt &
kindenesse he had received thereby did give notice of his
intencon of leaving the said Hospll in Three Moneths
And did humbly Peticon That Richard Child< no role > who was
brought up Apprentice wth: him in the said Hospll: &
is now one of the Artsmars: of the said Hospll: might have the
Roomes and appartmt: of the said John Long< no role > on his

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