Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

6th January 1689 - 8th August 1695

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Image 479 of 50024th May 1695

Wm. Harding< no role > P Warrt. of Mr Chamberlaine he being the
Apprentice of Caleb Jacomb< no role > being very rebellions and of
evill behaviour towards his said Master haveing assaulted
his said Mr and often unlawfully absented himselfe from
his service.

To Labr. & to have noe more
then he Earnes.

Mary Harris< no role > &
Anne Sampson< no role > }
P Warrt: of Sr : Pat Ward< no role > charged by Anne
< no role > for secretly conveyeing themselves
into her Seller suspected to have a designe
to robb the house Mary Harris< no role > having been
heretofore burnt in the hand.

Sarah Carter< no role > P Warrt. of Sr Tho: Stamp< no role > being an Idle Vagrant
disorderly person being taken in company with a
man unknown cryeing out Murder from whome
she had taken a Ring & makeing great disturbance

Wm: Core< no role > in Trump Alley
Cheapeside has the King

To Labr

Anne Bowles< no role >
& Sarah White< no role >


als Amber< no role > }
P Warrt. of Sr . John Houblon< no role > being accused
to be a Comon night Walkers & Idle women

Anne Cragg< no role > P Warrt: of Lord Mayor being an Idle Vagabond
person and refusing to give an account to the
Churchwardens of the Parish of St: Lawrence
Poultney where her last legall settlement was
To be sent to the Churchwardens
of St. Lawrence Poultney .

Mary Cox< no role > P Warrt: of Lord Major charged by John Hunt< no role >
on suspicon of makeing a false Key with intent to
defraud him of his Goods

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