Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

6th January 1689 - 8th August 1695

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Image 458 of 5008th February 1695

Fourty pounds as a Free gratuity of this Court to be
allowed Mr Trear in this next Accompt

Jon: Cotton< no role > Beadle to
have 10 Free gift.

Alsoe upon the humble Peticon of John Cotton< no role > one
of the Beadles of this Hospll of Bridewell laying before this
Court his Deplorable state having lain for Tenn Weekes last
in a dangerous and lamentable Condicon wth. a Consumpcon
and Fistula and during the same time had one of his
Children ill of a langwishing distemper (having Three
Children and his wife now expecting to be delivered of
another) and being through the sicknesses aforesaid reduced
to great indigency and want Humbly praying therefore
the Charrity of this Court for his Prsent support and that this
Court would please to pay the Chirurgeon for his Care
This Court coimferating the Condicon of the Peticonr:
Doe Order that the said Chirurgeon be paid for the Care of
the Peticonr. by this Hospll as the Comittee thereof shall think
reasonable, and that Mr Trear doe give and pay to the said
John Cotton< no role > Tenn pounds as a Free gratuity of this Court
for this Prsent maintenance and support to be allowed Mr
Trear in his next accompt.

George Pritchett< no role >

Alsoe upon the humble Peticon of Jane King< no role > that this
Court would be pleased to discharge George Pritchett< no role > her
Nephew from the Hospll. of Bridewell he being to give his
answer this day Psuant to an order of the lugg Court whether he would continue there and serve
out this time with Walter Powell< no role > one of the Artsmasters of the
said Hospll or not This Court doth order That he be discharged
the Hospll and that his Indenture be delivered up

a standing Comittee for
W Fowks gift

Alsoe itt is ordered that Mr Trear Baker Mr Deputy
Gardiner and Mr Bland (who are the Three Surviving
Trustees of Mr. Fowks Gift to these Hosplls and alsoe Mr.
Bearcroft Coll: Errington Mr West and Mr Wing (Governrs.
of these Hosplls.) be a standing Comittee for the Estate left by
the said Mr Fowkto orderto order concerning repaires as

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