Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

6th January 1689 - 8th August 1695

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Image 416 of 50028th September 1694

Kath Pompey< no role >
Eleanr. Hulford< no role > }
P Warrt. of Mr. Recorder charged by
Boddenham Rons to be notorions Lewd
women of evill Fame & ill Livers apprehended in
two reputed Bandy houses & old Offenders


Mary Price< no role > This name instance is in set 2082.

To Labr.

Eliz: Seale &


Alice Allen< no role > }
P Warrt. of Sr . Edwd. Clarke< no role > accused
by Mr. Micklewright Const. for Lewd
idle and disorderly persons that can give
noe good Account of themselves the two first
being taken in Company of Men in a Comon
Bandy house and allen for a Comon night-

Ruth Lynly< no role > P Warrt. of Mr. Recorder She being
a Night Walker and mill Liver and cannott
give any good Account of herselfe and for that
it appeareth unto me upon the Oath of William
< no role > that she contracted & agreed to Lye
with at the Castle & Sheep in White cross Street

Frances Jackson< no role > This name instance is in set 2083. P Warrt. of Sr . Thomas Lane< no role > charged
by Mr. Runwell Constable being a Comon
night walker and a Woman of a Lewd life
and Coversation making a Disturbance and
endeavouring to make a Ryott and would
have putt her hands into Wm. Collyers< no role > Breeches

Jane Johnson< no role > P warrt. of Sr . John Houblon< no role > accused
for Stealing a Pewter Pott of Small Value
being the goods of Anne Leene< no role > wch. was
found in her possession

Martha Yotman< no role > (an Old Prisoner)
To Labour

Martha Fletcher< no role > P Warrt. of Lord Major Charged
by Mr. Cooper Constable to be a Comon night
To Labr.

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