Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

6th January 1689 - 8th August 1695

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Selwood Robt.3
Smith Mary3
Starlin Wm.4
Starr Richd6
Sherman Eliz:6
Sambrooke Sr. Feremy14
Skelton Edwd.15
Sanders Isaac20
Smith Henry20
Shelton Edwd.21
Staines Eliz:25
Slater John a Staff26
Smith Anne27
Starkey Zacha: Appr31
Sanders John32
Stratton John32
Sutton Eliz:33
Sherman Eliz:33
Slater Mary at 2s: 6d p week 35
Stanton Judith37
Sherman Eliz:37
Steere John Appr39
Stratford Tho: Appr44
Steele Sarah46
Shoe maker to be elected47
Stone Mr Comittee49
Sheppard Hannah51
Stewards Elected51
Steers Samll [..] 552
Smith John55
Scrage James55
Smith Eliz56
Symonds Eliz56
Scrage James60
Squire Mary60
Sely Elizabeth61
Symons Eliz61
Stead James to Bethlem62
Sutton Thos: to Rethlem at 3s62
Sprignell Sr. Wm. ad: Govrnor70
Sanders John78
Sutton Christor: 85
Saunders John85
Smith Eliz86

Stewards of Bethlem to
give 500 Security}

Shuter Mr. James Nod. Govr. 100
Steer Samll. made Free105

dd & the Price to beConsidere
referred to Comittee}


Shed in the New Church Yard115
Stewards Elected130
Smith John Apprce.130
Scott Wm.Apprce:130

Sutton Thos: to Bethlem
at 2s:6d}

Staples Robt. apprce.134
Smith John made free142
Shippey Wm. Apprce.151
Stephens Capt Jos: Nod. Govr154
Steward of Rethlem 20. Gratuity161
Sanders Mr. John Nod. Governr167
Stephens Capt Jos: adm: Govermr167
Slurte Mr. Joseph Nod. Governr.171
Smith John to be inquired of174
Same 10.178
Stewards Elected182
Samborne Martha to Bethlem at 5s187
Sherwood Mr. Nod. Governr190
Sheppard Mr. Samll. Nod. Governr199
Sonthy Alexander Appr214
Steward of Bethlem 20. Gratuity 217
Sheppard Mr. Samll. adm: Governr230
Stavely Samll. Appr235
Snell Wm. Appr235
Stewards Elected256
Stewards Chosen259
Spring John to be made Free263
Shaller Mr. Edwd. admd. Govr.272
Sherwood Captr admd. Govr.283
Smith Mr. Fras. Nod Govr283
Swinfield John Appr311
Steward of Bethlem 40. Gratuity314
Suffield Edmd. to Bethlem at 2s:2d 320
Steward of Bridewell 40. Gratuity 324

Smtih Mr. to have [..] a Lease in
his own name}

Sellers Wm. Appr336
Strange Aftable Appr336
Smith Mr. Admd. Govr336
Stewards Eleccted359

Shoemaker left to Bridewell

Spring John to be Inquired of382
Same 10:386

Steers Samll: noe further St
of Mr: Lores Goft}

Starke Mr. Tho Nod. Govr402
Smith Mr F [..] br Admd: Govr:406
Scarse Mr Phillip nod Gover416
Stewad of Bethlem 40 Nat. 426

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