Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

6th January 1689 - 8th August 1695

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Bethell Esqrs. Opinion2
Brown Diana4
Bennett Als Weaver Samll6
Barrow James6
Burton Complt. agst. Martin8
Bayly wm. 10.9
Bowcher Henry 1010
Beadles & P: mans Gratuity10
Baron Philipp10
Burrows Thos: Appr11
Burton John to be mad Free-11
Banbury Jonas13
Berry Francis15
Baldwin Danll.16
Berey Eliz:17
Barry Mary17
Brandford Churchwardens to be Sent to 18
Butt Eliz:21
Browne Jane21
Birch Mary22
Be [..] Eliz22

Berry Fra. to give Security
for Margttt Lawson}

Butt Elizabeth24
Berry-John to be made free 25
Bullman Robt.27
Bishop Kath:28
Black Math28
Bibee Mary28

Berry Mr. Concerning Margt.
Rawson in Bethlem}

Billing Jonas to be inquired of 30
Bullman Robt.32
Blew Hannah33.
Beadles & Porters man 20s a piece 33
Beadles of Bethlem 20s. a piece 33
Billing Jonas 534
Blackwell Eliz:37
Burnellimo Robt.37
Bellin Fra: at 2s: 6d38
Brown Joseph Appr39
Britler Robt. Appr39
Baker Danll Esqr. Trear41
Bolton Antho:42
Blake Richard42
Brooes Margtt.43
Baker Trer ye thanks of ye Court 44

Blackwell Mr. Aldrem Comittee
to pnse the will}

Baker Math: Appr44
Burchall Cornelins Appr44
Blagrane Susanna46
Baker Sarah At 2s:6d:47
Boulter John Comittee 48
Blake Richard50
Blagrace Sr Sanna51


Bonds for Bethlem to be Sued 51
Bishop Tho: at 12d. a weeke 52
Blake Richd.55
Bayly Jane56
Bates Dr. a Comittee57
Berry John to be Inquired of 58
Bull Matthew60
Blake Richard60
Biggally Mary60
Brown Mary61
Brown Jane61
Bartonson Eliz:61
Beard Mary65
Bentison Eleanor66
Bell Mary70
Blimdell Anne70
Bond Margarett.71
Brown Fra: Adm: Artsmars.71
Berry John 5.72
Brown John81
Bolton Jon to be made Free 84
Brooke John85
Bury Susanna86
Brown Wm. Elected Artsmar87

Beadles and Baskettmens

Beacham James.89
Bond Margtt.90
Brooks Mary90
Bolton John to be Inquired of 101
Same 10104
Brampton Benj. made Free 105

Beadles and Porters man to-
have Cloths at ye Hosptls. Charge}

Brown Wm. to remove to ye
house yt. was Caleb Clarks}

Bullen Phil: Appre.112

Burton Mr. to Propose for the

Barn Etc at Cottington left
to Mr. Janeway}

Bibles for the Apprentices116
Beadles & Baskettmen Gratuities 117
Beling Mr. Richd. Nod: Govr.117
Barker John Appr121
Bagnall Orland124
Bent Robt. Apprce.134
Billings Jonas 5.141
Beling Mr. Ralph adm: Govr148
Bryan Mathew at 2s15

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