Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

6th January 1689 - 8th August 1695

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Image 34 of 5006th December 1689

London }

A Comte holden at the Hospitall of Bridewell
London on Monday the sixteenth day of
December Anno Dui 1689

Sr . Robt Geffry< no role > Knt an Alderman Prt.
Sr . Jonathan Raymond< no role > Knt . & AldramMr Bethell
Mr Trer

Mr. Farmery
Mr. Terry
Mr Beckinham
Mr Coggs
Mr. Yates
Mr Porter
Mr. Perttle
Mr Depmove
Mr Barlee
Mr Shaw
Mr. Edwards
Mr Bushell
Mr. Heames
Mr Depree
Mr English

Mr Forzonbury
Mr Braughton

Mr. Merridale
Mr. Atwood
Mr Phillipps
Mr. Empson
Mr Wilkinson
Mr Cullam
Mr. Bushell
Mr Glover
Mr. Whitfeeld
Mr Potts
Mr. Ashton
Mr Same Brewster
Mr Beeker
Mr Fitzgerrard

John Nealey< no role > Const of Fleete streete being taken
late in the Night & fightingat the bull head faverne
& uppon searching of him there war a Key in his
pocketlikesupposed to be a pickelecke
& beating one& taken a hunkecler.
from him &

Charles Melling< no role > p warrt. Lord maior. Labor


Robt Selwood< no role > p warrt. Mr. Chamberlin

0 lr y ye 7 vy 17 130
-07. ct
-v 0-0 e [..] ng
f:11 i y 2 y os n. c c1 [..]
[..] 53-o [..] c0:L:emr [..]
i s [..] 1.2 0 [..] 7 ind

Old prifons
Hard [..] 7 geso [..] edu [..]
Sh 71 [..] j:Ne [..] cd
07-5 [..] erm T- [..]
J: n 7 y-3 [..]
- [..] 20,-Gt 07-cn
oley 6-0 [..]


Mary Smythye< no role > p warrt. Lord Maior


Elizabeth Harley< no role > p warrt. Sr patients ward

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