Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

6th January 1689 - 8th August 1695

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Image 353 of 5002nd March 1694

Eliz: Conlsey< no role > P Warrt of Sr . Edwd. Clarke< no role > being an idle
P son and a Comon Pilferer [..] She having
cheated Anne Hewitt< no role > her Mrs. of Divers goods &
Small Pcells of money

Martha Sides< no role > This name instance is in a workspace. P Warrt. of Sr . Tho: Stamp< no role > for pilfering
from Mary Day< no role > one piece of bone lane of one ell
in length on there about and also assaulting and
beating of the said day & gives noe good account of
her selfe and for want of Sureties


dd & to he passe


Kath Jefferys< no role >
Alice Allen< no role > &
Eliz: Pike< no role > }
P Warrt. of Mr. Recorder Charged
to he Lewd woman and Comon night
Walkers And for want of Sureties

Eliz: Graves< no role > P Warrt. [..] of Sr . Edwd. Clarke< no role > Charged
on Oath by Mr. Cooper a Constable who took her in
the Company of a Person to her unknown She
having carried the said Person to a private house
where she offered to lye with [..] him and told him
She would shew him the Postmer and would
faine have felt in his breeches asking him many
Lewd and obscene Question telling him there
was convenience enough in that house and she
would have him feele whether she was man
or woman

Anne Wright< no role > P Warrt. of Sr . Edwd. Clarke< no role > being a
Comon night walker She being also a lewd
idle P son that can give noe good Account of

Eliz: Dorrington< no role > P Warrt. of Sr . Edwd. Clarke< no role > Charged
by her own son session for coming with a false
& counterfeit note there by to [..] of Mr
Bowman Silkman in Newgate Street [..] oumes
of Beladine Silk She also being a Lewd idle P son
that ran give noe good Acct. of her selfe

Jane Babb< no role > P Warrt. of Sr . Robt. Geffery< no role > charged by Mrs.
Hubbard for Stealing a Cold Ring and Six
Shillings in money & other things:
To goe with the Beadle & See to gett
Mrs. Hubbard her things againe

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