Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

6th January 1689 - 8th August 1695

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Image 191 of 50015th January 1692

Thomas Bradbury< no role > P Warrt. of Sr . Wm. Turner< no role > being Charged
by the Churchwardens and other Officers of St. Martin
Ludgate for being a Lazy idle drunken fellow and
threatning to burn the neighbours houses tho' he receives
a Pencon
To Labor.

Edward Nix< no role > by Warrt. of Lord Mayor Charged by Jane Danks< no role >
for being an idle disorderly fellow and beating her and
also his wife

John White< no role > by Warrt. of Sr . Wm. Turner< no role > and Old Prisoner
To Labor.

Hannah Brown< no role > by Warrt. of Sr . Wm. Turner< no role > Charged by
Edward Bemfather< no role > for pushing out the Tapps out of his
Vessells and letting the drink about and Stealing from
him about 20 or 30 Gallons of Brandy in all to about
To Labour till next Cort.

her name is
Anne Buller< no role > }

A Certaine Female P Warrt. of Lord Major (who refused to declare
her name being charged by Mrs. Smith for falling on her and
abusing her in Streete and tearing her hood.

Mary Vernham< no role > P Warrt. of Lord Mayor charged by Mary
< no role > for Pilfering from her Divers goods

Elizabeth Rivers< no role > This name instance is in set 2676. P Warrt. of Sr . Robert Geffrye< no role > charged by
Mr. Isaac Bellizams< no role > for saying to him a Bastard child

Margt. Lyon< no role > P Warrt of Lord Major for saying a young
Child in St. Lawrence Jewry parish and being a Vagrant
To Labor.

Elizabeth Bunny< no role > P Warrt. of Sr . Wm. Turner< no role > charged by
Mr. Caherly for Stealing and carrying out of his Shopp a
piece of Muslin value 8s.
To Labor.

Mary Hills< no role > (an Old Prisoner)
To Labortill her Mrs. Anne Dyer< no role > (for whom Sr.
Wm. Will grant Warrt) and Mr. Harris of the Queenes
head Taverne in Bpp's gate Streete appeare

Nathaniel Maidstone< no role > of the pish of St. Catherine Cittizen & Fishmonger
of London and]

Thomas Smith< no role > of the same pish Ironmonger 20 a price Upon
Condition that Eliz. Godfrey< no role > appeare at the next sessions of peace for thus Citty
To Answer Ruth Rogers< no role > of Endfield and in the mean time keepe the Tease Etc.

Robert Adams< no role >
John Jones< no role > &
William Wood< no role > }
P Warrt. of St. Patiemeward for Stealing Lenall
P sells of Tobacco from Mr. Moreland.

To Labour till Sessions be Over.

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