Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

6th January 1689 - 8th August 1695

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Image 64 of 50028th March 1690


Elizth Sutton< no role > P warrt Lord Minor for stealing a peece of on
Ticking of the value of 12s out of the shoe of John
< no role > in the old Jewry Punisht


Elizabeth Fowkes< no role > P warrt. Sr. patience ward for Pilfring
out of St. Bartholmews hospitall severall streetes
out of the ward where in shee was A Patient Punisht

Elizabeth Davis< no role > P warrt. Sr . Robt. Geffry< no role > being charged
by Sarah Clarke< no role > for being a very the woeman not
being able to give any good Accompt of her selfe Labor


Francis Woolley< no role > P warrt. Sr . Robt Geffry< no role > , being charged
by phi [..] rd of his Channell house for stealing from-
her a pence of Imformes & being a very abuside-
woeman Punisht

Eliz Sannony< no role > mang warrt. Sr. Patience ward being charged by
Thomas Oxton< no role > on suspicon of stealing a sword from
Mr. Osgood hee being a Comon night walker
& suspected picke pockets


Hannah Blow< no role > P warrt. Ld. marsr being an idle P son
& taken in a knowne Bawdy house punisht

Beadles & Porters
Man 20 or Peece

Uppon the humble peticon of the fower Beadles and
porters man of this hospitall for a gratuity severally
given unto them at this by me of the yeare It is ordered
by this Courte that Mr Trer Duncane doe give & pay unto
them twenty shillings a poore as a Gratuity of this Courte
for their future incon [..] emt. in the Sr vice of this hospitall

beadles of Bethlem 20
a Peece

Alsoe uppon the humble peticon of the 3: beadles of the
hospitall of Bethlem for a gratuity to be given unto them
Mr Rezard their paynes is Greater and their boiles
smaller then formerly It is ordered by this courte that Mr.
Trer Income doe give and pay unto them twenty
shillings a peace for their future inco [..] emt. in the
Service of this hospitall

Wm. Farr< no role > 5

Alsoe uppon reading the certificate of Mr. Kilby and Mr
Smyth twoe of the Governor. of This hospitall that uppon
inquiry they finde That Wm. Farr< no role > whoe was brought up
an Apprntice in this hospitall wth. Thomas Pulling< no role >

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