Bridewell Royal Hospital:
Minutes of the Court of Governors

6th January 1689 - 8th August 1695

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Image 3 of 5006th January 1689


Artsmar. Orders2

Artsmar. Orders confirmed-
Artsmar. Security

Arther Jacob to Bethlem at 3s-8
Abbett Rovt. to be inquired of9
Adams Kath21
Apprentices to be cloathed at Easter 29

Appr Sett up to haw 5 first
& 5 after of Mr. Loces Gift

Abbott Robt 530
Arkins Ambrose37
Adams Thomas Appr39
Ash Hannah43
Alderton Samll45
Aysh Hannah46
Allen Eliz56
Avery Isabell56
Adams Charles61
Acbnir Elizabeth61
Archer Jacob to Bethlam at 2s. 63
Ash Hannah66
Auditors of Mr. Trears Accts75
Apple by Anne86
Angledne Eliz86
Apprentices to have Shirts88
Allen Martha90
Angle due Eliz90
Avis Mr. Joseph a Governr95
Same a Staff97
Auditor Genall Elected144
Auditors of Mr. Trears Accts. 144
Almond Wm. made free155
Allen Clare to Bethlem at 3s 162
Atkins Richd. Esqr admd. Govesnr163
Almond Wm. to, be inquired of166
Same 5.171
Abbott Robt. a 2d. 5.175
Auditors for ye Chapell wardens Accts. 177
Artsmars. Covenants to be renew'd 184
Artsmars. Dinner187
Auditor Genall Elected192
Auditor of mr. Trears Accts.192
Artsmart. Security proposed202
Artsmars. Security204
Almond Wm. 5. more 222
Artsmars. and their apprentices269
Auditors of Mr Trears Accompts 271
Atterbury Mr. Elected Minister 287

Allestree Mr. Admd. Govr 289
Ashby Nicholas to be made Free 370
Same to be Inquired of377
Same 10386

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